Winter Greetings From the Mercer Street Grassroots District!

Happy New Year! We rang in 2018 in the frigid cold in Dick Copeland Town Square with about 500 brave souls after a night of revelry in warm & toasty venues and in the streets. We watched in awe as Frost Lion Ice carved a masterpiece out of ice blocks, we hoola hooped in LED glow, we kicked back in The Room Upstairs & Stages Music School watching great bands, we marveled at the construction of The Renaissance Theater, and we made colorful memories together that we’ll never forget.  

It was the culmination…

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Mercer Street Blossoming

It is a mighty exciting time in downtown Princeton, ladies and gentlemen. After years of growth and toiling, we are approaching a monumental turning point. Businesses are preparing for launch, buildings are being gutted and completely renovated, the city is on board and investing in a variety of ways, new volunteers are stepping up to shepherd projects, creativity is abundant and a few key changes are ready to click into place. I’m telling you, within this year, 2017, we are going to be looking at a…

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Reflections- A Year in Review of the Renaissance

As we prepare to countdown to 2017, we reflect upon another prosperous year of forward movement, excitement, community spirit and powerful possibility. There is far too much to explore in this short blog, but what follows is a glimpse back at some of the highlights of a year's worth of progress in downtown Princeton. 

We started 2016 with a bang, of course, with our annual tradition of The Downtown Countdown. 1,000 + community members gathered to mark the beginning of another chapter in our history.  

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The Season of Change

Late Springtime in Downtown Princeton  

This Springtime has been active in downtown Princeton! A lot has been happening behind the scenes and, as we enter summer, the changes become more visible.  

The Renaissance Theater project is underway! The marquee is getting a makeover and the construction has begun; check out the vision plan to the left. In an effort to stabilize the existing 1950's Lavon facade, and pay homage to the icon keystone of the 1911 design for the Royal theater, both concepts were…

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Winter Happenings, Snowy Musings and Dreams in Downtown Princeton


Greetings from snowy downtown Princeton, WV! 

It is a winter wonderland out there, and Mercer Street wears the white stuff so well. Residents have been bundled up walking around enjoying the beautiful atmosphere; some have created art in it and there is a nice neighborly feeling among those who live downtown. We’ve seen plenty of people helping each other- digging and pushing vehicles as they spin in the snow. What an equalizing human experience. I think our wonder and delight at a crippling snow event…

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Auction: "Old Fashioned Blizzard in Princeton"

'Tis the season! JR Shuck, one of the awesomely talented artists in our community, has donated this beautiful painting of our courthouse entitled " Old Fashioned Blizzard in Princeton" to support our efforts downtown. This 16 x 20 framed piece is now up for auction and the current high bid will be posted here. The auction will conclude on December 15. Stay tuned!

Autumn- Reflection and Anticipation

Autumn Greetings to you from Princeton Renaissance Project! 


The momentum and excitement continues to build here on Mercer Street! Multiple building renovation projects are underway, new endeavors are brewing, and ground work continues to be laid for this emerging downtown scene. This is a transitional phase; there is dust flying and much to be excited about that is just around the corner, so close you can taste it. At the same time, there is plenty of buzz-worthy action happening as we speak! 


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The Summer Scene

Summer greetings from Princeton Renaissance Project!


It’s hot and humid on the street and there is a lot of activity going on- some that is visible and a lot that is brewing behind the scenes. 


There is a noticeable rise in the amount of foot traffic on the street day to day. The entrepreneurs running several new businesses are populating their spaces and their supporters and partners are in and out daily.  A handful of upwardly mobile residential tenants have moved in, and their presence is…

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Springtime Energy is Flowing!

Springtime greetings from Princeton Renaissance Project! 

As flowers bloom, the neighborhood is bustling with new energy.  With the addition of Gary Bowling’s House of Art’s energy into the mix of an already vibrant scene, you can feel the community spirit multiplying. People are running into each other on the sidewalks, sharing conversation and enjoying this community that has developed.  Several downtown businesses participated in the first “Night on the Town” event, presented in cooperation with Concord…

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The Scene is Buzzing!

Winter Greetings from Princeton Renaissance Project! 

The renaissance in downtown Princeton is alive and well, and we're happy to update you. Thanks for staying tuned! 

Several new businesses are preparing to open doors this spring! Gary Bowling’s House of Art, a powerhouse of artistic energy, has acquired the old Virginia Bank and Commerce Building building at 900 Mercer, and they plan to open their doors in late May. Planting roots in the heart of the arts movement, GBHOA joins forces with The RiffRaff 

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